Are you interested in becoming a subcontractor for Total Focus Cleaning?

 Total Focus Cleaning is contacted daily by people requesting to work for our company and we are always looking to align our business with good companies that are ethical and moral in their business practices and are also able to provide our clients with high standards. In order to be considered as a potential subcontractor for Total Focus Cleaning you need to understand that Total Focus ONLY engages subcontractors that are 100% compliant with all relative legal legislation that governs contract cleaning.

If you would like to be considered as a potential subcontractor you must understand what those legal requirements are and able to ensure that you meet these requirements. We strongly suggest that you speak with your accountant and if you are still not sure if you meet the legal requirements then seeking legal advice will also help.

A guideline to help understand what meets the required qualifying process is below:

  • A current registered company complete with ABN.
  • Current Public Liability insurance (able to supply certificate of currency)
  • WorkCover that covers any employees that you have in your company (able to supply certificate of currency)
  • All employees that you have in your company MUST be paid no less that the current Federal Award or if you have a current Enterprise Agreement you must be able to supply TFC a copy of this if requested.
  • Able to supply all relevant equipment to service the requirements of the works contracted out. (TFC does offer leasing of equipment as an option)

It is extremely important to note that Total focus concepts does not accept in any way, ‘Sham Contracting’, under payment or cash payments to cleaners! ALL subcontractors that are engaged by TFC must be aware that they may be subjected to a full compliance audit carried out by senior TFC managers as part of our commitment to ensure that all subcontractors engaged are remaining compliant to the relative legislative requirements.

There are many other opportunities that are available within TFC at various times. Total Focus Cleaning are always looking for good, reliable employees to join our existing team. All employees for Total Focus are paid under the Federal Award or under any current Enterprise Agreement.

If you feel that Total Focus Cleaning is a company that you would like to be involved with and you comply the correct compliance needs then TFC would like to hear from YOU. Please email us your details and enquiry, we look forward to hearing from you.