Mr. Graham Booysen, C.E.O Cornett’s IGA Supermarkets

“After experiencing the difficulties of getting good, reliable cleaners, (especially in some of our more remote locations), we were finally put onto Total Focus Cleaning. We had some vinyl floors where we were prepared to replace the tiles as we believed that they were too far damaged however the TFC team asked to be given the opportunity to present us with a solution that they thought would best suit our needs.

TFC presented a full solution package that included not only supplying day to day cleaning but also their ‘DIY’ solution. We agreed on a package that was best for us and they began to implement it across the board.

Much to our amazement they have transformed the sites and breathed new life into the floors that we were about to replace making them look as close to new as I could ever hope for!

Total Focus is a professional company that has delivered on their promises each and every time.”

Mr. Nick Duggan, owner IGA Maroochydoore:

“I was looking for a cleaning solution that could fit my needs. After speaking to the guys at Total Focus they were able to provide me with very user friendly equipment and train my staff on how to use it.

This option has enabled me to deliver a high standard of cleaning in my supermarket at a shadow of the cost. It also gives me the support of having their experienced management attend the store and guide me if the need be.

I would recommend this cleaning option to anyone that is looking to reduce their cleaning costs and still wants to have shiny clean floors.”

Mr. Grahame Davies, General Manager Coco’s Food markets:

“Since placing the equipment in our sites we have been able to clean the stores sometimes 2-3 times per day if the need be. It has helped lift the cleaning standards of our stores and without the price tag.

We no longer use cleaners to attend the stores as we are able to utilize our own staff and it was all made extremely simple by Total Focus.

The company is also able to offer other maintenance services that we have used from time to time and have found them to be prompt and cost effective solutions to these problems.

I thoroughly recommend Total Focus and the services they offer.”

Mr. Ben Bourke, owner IGA Strathpine:

“Having just recently opened my first IGA supermarket I had to look for a solution to my cleaning needs that was cost effective but did not sacrifice the standards I knew I needed to provide to my customers.

After discussing my needs with TFC they put forward the ‘DIY’ solution and we agreed to trial it for a couple of months.

Since TFC put the system in place I couldn’t be happier! I found that not only did I get the cleaning standards that I wanted but it also installed a greater value of cleanliness and pride in the stores appearance to my staff.

I hope to open a new store in the future and won’t hesitate in placing this system there also.”