Business owners and property managers are key to keeping patrons, guests, patients, and visitors safe from COVID-19 and its variants, like the Delta variant.

Whether you’re a large retail shop, small physician’s office, an industrial facility or an outpatient clinic, having an expert in commercial and Domestic cleaning services with coronavirus cleaning know-how is important, especially when friends, family and loved ones are involved.




At Total Focus we take cleaning seriously. We train our cleaners to meet the health and safety compliance requirements for a range of sectors. We deliver cleaning for clients both large and small across many different industries. Total Focus offers a range of general cleaning services such as communal area cleaning for apartment or office complexes, serviced apartment cleaning, public venue cleaning, bus and train shelter cleaning, janitor services, industrial floor scrubbing and much more.

We also offer the following specialised services:


By presenting a clean and fresh workplace, your clients feel a friendly invitation to attend, your employees are more productive, sick days are kept to a minimum and the overall value of the asset, which is your premises and/or its contents are maintained.


Dirty windows can be detrimental to a company’s image and regular visits from a window cleaner will eliminate this problem. Our highly trained window cleaners provide a safe, efficient and cost effective service to put the shine back on your premises. Our expert window cleaning services cover all areas including the sills, tracks and screens – giving your windows the ultimate treatment.


To get the longest possible wear out of your carpet, it should be cleaned on a regular basis – at least every 12 months. We have the equipment to make this process quick and easy so your business isn’t disrupted by soggy carpet.


Shop fitters and builders require well-trained cleaning contractors to turn a messy, untidy site into something that sparkles as quickly as possible while taking particular care around delicate or dangerous objects. Total Focus Cleaning can also provide a hand-over clean once construction has been competed.


For those difficult or heavily soiled areas, high pressure cleaning can be the most effective way to clean. Industrial warehouses, car parks, driveways, footpaths, patios, toilet areas, walls and tiled areas are easily and effectively cleaned with the use of our specialised chemicals and equipment.


After floods, fire, storm, or other disasters, it is important to extract excess water immediately and undertake cleaning tasks to prevent the development of several types of bacteria and fungi that may negatively affect human health. Having such a large team of cleaners available enables Total Focus Concepts to respond to any crisis situation quickly, which allows your operation to get back to business quickly.