Q: How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

A: On average, household carpets should be cleaned at least once a year. In some cases (pets, children, allergies), carpets may require more frequent cleaning. Commercial cleaning services are usually performed more regularly due to the importance of image and hygiene in the work place.

Q: What is Stripping & Sealing?

A: Stripping and Sealing vinyl is the process of stripping old sealer from vinyl flooring and then resealing it, usually between four to six coats of new sealer. The processes involved include stripping the floor to ensure that the old sealer is completely removed. The floor is then cleaned thoroughly to ensure that it is free of dust, residue and anything else that can affect the application of new sealer. The new sealer is then applied to the dry floor and allowed to dry. Additional coats are then added in turn and allowed to completely dry before buffing to achieve the depth and shine that will bring your vinyl back to life.

Q: Would we use the same cleaner all the time?

A: Yes we do. Barring holidays or illness, you will have the same cleaner all the time. This gives you the consistency you would be looking for in a cleaning company.

Q: Do you clean day or nights?

A: We do both. The majority of our cleans are at night time or weekends. That’s just what most of our clients prefer. However day cleaning is also fine.

Q: Do you clean day or nights?

A: Simply call our office directly on 1300 502 226 or send us a message via our contact form

Q: Are all Total Focus cleaners covered by insurance?

A: Yes, all of our cleaning staff are covered by current Workers Compensation and Public & Product Liability insurance policies. Copies of our certificates are available on request.