Protect Your Employees and Guests From COVID-19

Business owners and property managers are key to keeping patrons, guests, patients, and visitors safe from COVID-19 and its variants, like the Delta variant. Whether you’re a large retail shop, small physician’s office, an industrial facility or an outpatient clinic, having an expert in commercial and Domestic cleaning services with coronavirus cleaning know-how is important, especially when friends, family and loved ones are involved.

Total Focus Cleaning can provide customised COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection services for businesses that want to prevent an outbreak in their facility. With our national disinfection expertise, with over 100 highly trained staff, and specialised skills in providing Deep Cleans and Proactive Cleaning, we are prepared to handle the unique needs that this pandemic has created.

At Total Focus Cleaning we deploy two systems to combat COVID 19 contaminated sites –
1. Australian Health Guidelines on COVID 19 infection control process using experienced Cleaning Staff, heavily labour focussed cleaning process.
2. Fogging application for sterilising of porous and non-porous surfaces within a sealed and enclosed space reaching all areas.


A primary driver of COVID-19’s virulence is the fact that people are carriers long before they show symptoms. In addition, the uncertainty of new variants, such as the Delta variant – which is twice as contagious as previous strains – poses a growing problem for business owners. Mitigate the risk of an outbreak at your facility with routine COVID cleaning services and preventive disinfection to keep your environment safe from an unintentional outbreak.
Outsource to a cleaning professional to ensure your property is safe for employees and guests. Only an expert that provides coronavirus cleaning services can determine how to appropriately clean and disinfect surfaces throughout your property. Cleaning experts from Total Focus Cleaning are the front line of infection prevention and surface disinfection while using hospital-grade, professional cleaning services specific to COVID-19.